1-Year-Old Bryeon Hunter Goes Missing in Maywood After Mother Claims She Was Attacked by 3 Men

One year old Maywood boy Byreon Hunter missing
1-Year-Old Bryeon Hunter Goes Missing in Maywood After Mother Claims She Was Attacked by 3 Men (Chicago Tribune)

Have you seen one-year-old Bryeon Hunter? He went missing after his mother told Maywood police she was attacked and beaten by three men, who kidnapped her son. The boy’s mother and her boyfriend were interviewed by police.

Maywood Police Chief Tim Curry said the boy’s mother said that she and Byreon were on their way to a park Tuesday afternoon when three men jumped out of a black sports car, beat her and took Bryeon with them.

But Curry said that after interviewing the three men the boy’s mother identified as her attackers, investigators concluded her account was inaccurate.

The boy is described as 2 feet tall and weighing 30 pounds. He was last seen wearing a blue striped shirt with bluejeans and brown Nike boots.

Anyone with information is asked to contact the Maywood Police Department at 708-450-4471. Source

UPDATE#1 (04/20/13): Just as I suspected, the mother of Bryeon Hunter lied to police in the disappearance of her son. Lakeshia Baker and her live-in boyfriend Michael Scott repeatedly beat her son because he was “crying and whining.” The two rehearsed their story that the child went missing after the mother was accosted and beaten by three Hispanic men. 

Lakeshia Baker admitted she and her boyfriend beat her one-year-old son with a belt and plastic hangers and left him to die on their bathroom floor, prosecutors said in court Saturday. They then disposed of his body in a backpack. Scott reportedly dumped the body in the river at 1st Avenue and Lake Street in Maywood. Lakeshia Baker is being held without bail, while Michael Scott is being held on $750,000 bond.


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    Dear Lord, please take care of this beautiful baby boy. He is in your hands now. This world is so sick. I wish it could end now so little pure innocent.children wouldn’t have to suffer like this. Please God watch over and take care of All YOUR CHILDREN.