Democrats Believe Obama’s Proposal to Cut Social Security Benefits Could Impact 2014 Elections

The Democrats are facing attacks on all sides over President Obama’s 2014 trillion-dollar budget. The middle class, seniors and the poor should be asking out loud, what does this all mean, since Social Security, Medicare benefits and other entitlements are on the table.

New York Times reports,  “Whether or not Republicans ever agree to a budget deal with President Obama, one thing seems certain: now that he has officially put Social Security and Medicare benefits on the negotiating table, opponents on his party’s left will make that an issue for Democrats in the midterm elections next year — and perhaps in the 2016 presidential contest.”

“In the midterm races already taking shape, Democrats who back Mr. Obama’s budget proposals to trim future benefits as part of a long-term deficit-reduction compromise could be attacked from the left and the right.”

The Hill: “A growing number of House Democrats are concerned that President Obama’s proposal to cut Social Security benefits will haunt the party at the polls in 2014.”

Robert Shrum: “The Republican jeremiads were expected–but why can’t liberals see the sense in the president’s not-at-all draconian budget proposals?”