Gary Reitnauer’s Apparent Suicide From Carbon Monoxide Leaves Wife and Two Kids Dead

SHOCK:  Gary Reitnauer committed suicide by carbon monoxide in the garage of his home and his wife, Michelle Reitnauer and their three kids also died from the fumes. Gary Reitnauer reportedly went into the garage of an adjacent home on their property in Milford Township in rural Bucks County, Pa., after a disagreement with his wife.

Police believe his wife tried to rescue him but was overcome by the fumes when she broke one of the windows of the car. She was found dead inside the car. Kimberly Reitnauer, 16, was found dead in the kitchen adjacent to the garage, Jaime Reitnauer, 10, was barely alive when the police arrived 11:20 p.m. Monday night, but later died in a local hospital.

The two girls were adopted from China, according to media reports. By all accounts they excelled at school.