Jenny Sanford Far More Politically Savvy Than Her Trespassing Ex-Husband Mark Sanford

Mark Sanford, governor of South Carolina
Jenny Sanford More Politically Savvy Than Her Trespassing Ex-Husband Mark Sanford (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Never underestimate the power of a savvy ex-wife or ex-girlfriend. That’s the best way to describe Jenny Sanford, former first lady of South Carolina and the ex-wife of congressional candidate Mark Sanford. Now, the Republican Party has cut him loose, to fend for himself in an imploding campaign. The latest nail to his coffin was Jenny Sanford’s court filing that accuses him of trespassing in her home in early February. That wasn’t the first time either. How incredibly egotistical or controlling. The divorce agreement stipulated that neither could trespass on each other’s private residence, but Mark Sanford felt he could do as he pleased. Classic sign of an abuser.

In any case, Jenny Sanford kept a low profile during this time and she played him like a fool. Mark Sanford seems to be narcissistic or desperate because he asked her to run his campaign. I am guessing she declined. What must have enraged Jenny Sanford, was her ex-husband parading his mistress turned fiance on stage during his victory speech when he won the nomination. One of their sons was present and was visibly uncomfortable. Lastly, Jenny Sanford said she didn’t leak the trespassing accusation to the media, but she must have known that filing the document in the middle of his congressional campaign would come to light.

On the trespassing issue, she told the Wall Street Journal, “Those documents the AP has are legit. They deal with a number of private domestic matters and it was my understanding they were to remain sealed along with our divorce documents. I did not choose to make this information public nor did I choose the timing of his last trespassing.” Wow, it’s as though Jenny Sanford silently set a field of landmines and he walked right into it.

Jenny Sanford waged a brutal war against Mark Sanford. Only she didn’t do it in public. She did it from behind the scenes. The trespassing news sent the NRCC running and conservative group Concerned Women of America have announced it is contemplating a write-in campaign on behalf of Jenny Sanford in the May 2 congressional race, saying, “CWA’s staff is still checking the legalities but I gotta say, Congresswoman Jenny Sanford has a nice ring to it,” the organization’s head told the Washington Post. Yes, Jenny Sanford would have been a far more credible congressional candidate…..

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