Drudge Report Race-Baiting, Falsely Attributes “I’m a Black Man” Quote to President Obama

New right wing freak-out and despicable race-baiting from the Drudge Report over President Obama’s commencement speech at Morehouse University. Nowhere did President Obama say “I’m a black man,” but that didnt’ stop Matt Drudge from running with that. As usual, the usual chorus of “haterade-drinking” right wingnuts are freaking out. Um, I suppose his speech about empowering young black men didn’t mean a thing to them. So what if President Obama did say he was a black man? Oh, in the minds of the right wing, that would mean he hates white people.

Matt Drudge Race-Baiting: Falsely Attributes "I am a Black Man" Quote to President Obama
Matt Drudge Race-Baiting: Falsely Attributes “I am a Black Man” Quote to President Obama

If you really want the truth, read the transcript of President Obama’s Morehouse speech. As you will see, the words, “I’m a black man” don’t appear. That didn’t stop Matt Drudge or his flunkies from putting it in quotations. The Drudge Report links to a Washington Post article, which doesn’t mention words “I’m a black man” either.  Of course, truth is rarely on the side of people like Matt Drudge. A freak-out is what they are after.

So, where the right wing is concerned, President Obama is not allowed to speak to black men or even talk about his experience as a person of color. This latest race-baiting tactic comes after Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell accused President Obama of engaging in “culture of intimidation.” Um, that’s really calling him a thug.

Listen to a part of President Obama’s Morehouse commencement speech: