Marine Esteban J. Smith Linked to Deadly Texas Shooting, Body of Woman Found in NC Motel Room

Esteban J. Smith, 23, a Marine who went on a shooting rampage in two Texas counties before being killed in a firefight with law enforcement agents, was also linked to a woman whose body was found in a North Carolina motel room.

Esteban Smith, who was stationed at Camp Lejeune in North Carolina, opened fire on a vehicle early Sunday morning in Eden, TX, wounding an unidentified woman. He then made his way to a convenience store in Brady, where he shot and wounded two people as they sat in their vehicles. Smith then turned around and went back to Eden, where he fired at another vehicle, wounding the occupant at about 5:30 a.m. Sheriff’s deputies  responded to a call of shots fired in Eola, where they found Alicia Torres, 41, dead in her car. That was shortly after 6 a.m.

Esteban Smith fired on Concho County Sheriff Richard Doane, wounding him on U.S. Highway 83, just north of Eden. Smith was killed in a shoot-out with a state trooper and a game warden. He was armed with an assault-style rifle, a handgun and had hundreds of rounds of ammunition in his possession.

A few hours later,  the body of a woman was found in a motel room in Jacksonville, NC. It is not clear how she died, but investigators have said her death is connected to the Texas shootings.


  • I’d like to know this young Marine’s rank, whether or not he had ever been deployed, and whether or not he was afflicted with PTSD. What he is suspected of doing was terrible, but there may be mitigating circumstances. Assuming he DID have PTSD, the events of the past few days serve to drive home the importance of garnering TREATMENT for our Military Service Members who are afflicted with PTSD. Honest to goodness HELP, is what these individuals need. Not just a pill, and a ‘label’. PTSD is an injury, and needs to be recognized as such, and DEALT WITH. If he had lost a limb, they wouldn’t just give him a pill and a label, they would have given him the treatment he needed, and they would not have ended treatment until he was as ‘whole’ as possible.

    The practice of giving ‘medication’ as treatment is OBVIOUSLY not working, and a plan of action for REAL TREATMENT needs to be formed and implemented. The majority, if not ALL of the medications given to treat PTSD, have side effects that include ‘suicidal thoughts’, and ‘irrational behavior’ … is this the way they should be treating people ho come to them with survivors guilt, or thoughts of still being in combat? Absolutely NOT! I’ve been writing my representatives about this, pleading for someone to author a bill that would call for a congressional investigation into the medications being given as ‘band aid’ treatment for PTSD. But my voice is not enough! I implore my fellow Americans to WRITE YOUR REPRESENTATIVES asking for an investigation! Our Military Service Members willingly risk their lives DAILY in defense of the freedoms and liberties we as Americans enjoy. Now they need US, to voice our concerns for them. It is the very LEAST we should be doing. Until there is a change, PTSD will continue to rear it’s ugly head. It will continue to take the lives of Honorable Military Service Members. Something MUST be done. The time for change is NOW.