MI Judge Wade McCree Says He ‘Lusted After’ Mistress Geniene La’Shay Mott, Offered to Pay for Abortion

MI Judge Wade McCree Says He 'Lusted After' Mistress Geniene La'Shay Mott, Offered to Pay for Abortion After She Became Pregnant
MI Judge Wade McCree Says He ‘Lusted After’ Mistress Geniene La’Shay Mott, Offered to Pay for Abortion (Attribution Unknown)

Wayne County, Mich., judge Wade McCree is a poster child for using poor judgement and abusing his position. He testified during his misconduct hearing Tuesday about his affair with Geniene La’Shay Mott, who appeared before him as a witness in a child-support case in his court last year. McCree gave the woman his card ‘via a deputy in the courtroom and she later called his number,’ Click on Detroit reports. He admitted to having sex with the woman in his chambers.

One big problem with his affair — Wade McCree is a married man. His wife, LaVerne McCree, also testified Tuesday.  Apparently, Geniene La’Shay Mott also became pregnant for the judge, who wanted her to have an abortion. It also shows poor judgment since Wade McCree is a married man engaging in unprotected sex with his jump-off.

“It became a whole lot more — as it did involve intimate relations,” he said. McCree described Mott as a woman of emotion, one minute riding on happiness and euphoria and another minute diving into “homicidal anger.” “I had to do things to pacify her,” he said. McCree said that Mott had told him she had dated married men before and knew how the relationship would be handled. But McCree said Mott pressured him for more.

“Whatever time I had, she always wanted more,” he said. Despite their relationship, he continued to oversee the case against the father of Mott’s child. The Michigan Judicial Tenure Commission says his actions were irresponsible and eroded the public’s confidence. The Commission issued a 20-page misconduct complaint against McCree in March.

LaVerne McCree also took to the stand to talk about her husband’s affair.She said her husband confessed to her, saying he was going to break off the relationship and wanted to stay married. LaVerne McCree said an agreement was made between her husband and Mott — that he would pay for an abortion. Via Click on Detroit

The bottom-line is that Wade McCree abused his position as a judge and he should be removed from the bench for that reason. That’s from the position that he engaged in a sexual relationship with someone who appeared before him in his courtroom. That’s mixing business with pleasure. That’s reckless conduct. Judge Wade McCree risked his entire career for a romp in the same with someone other than his wife. It is also very troubling that once bragged, “there is no shame in my game,” when he sent a shirtless photograph of himself to a Wayne County Sheriff’s Office employee. Well, the Michigan Judicial Tenure Commission begs to differ, saying:

“Respondent may not think that there’s any shame in his game,” said Margaret Rynier, associate examiner with the Michigan Judicial Tenure Commission, at the start of his trial at Washtenaw County Circuit Court on Monday. “He shamed the bench. He shamed the legal profession. He violated the code of the judicial conduct and violated the law.”