Nassau Police Officer Nikolas Budimlic Said to Be ‘Inconsolable’ After Shooting Hofstra Student Andrea Rebello

Nikolas Budimlic has been identified as the Nassau County police officer who shot 21-year-old Hoftstra junior Andrea Rebello during a home invasion by convicted felon Dalton Smith. He is reportedly ‘inconsolable’ over her death. Here’s my question, where were the hostage negotiators or the SWAT team? Usually when there are hostages, these special forces are called in.

The New York Post reports Nikolas Budimlic, 42, is a 12-year veteran of the force, and is ‘torn up’ after shooting her while Dalton Smith held a gun to her head early Friday morning.

Budimlic is now on sick leave.  According to media reports, Nikolas Budimlic reported to the Uniondale home and confronted Smith, firing eight shots at him. One of those shots hit Andrea Rebello in the head, killing her. Nikolas Budimlic has to live with what he did. It seems that eight shots were excessive, considering he was firing at the suspect reportedly still holding Andrea Rebello hostage.

  • Venice Vienna

    I agree with the writer of the article 100% (except she called the intruder Walton Smith, not Dalton Smith which was his name.) I believe the cop panicked and placed his own life above the innocent, defenseless unarmed civilian’s. Emptying his clip [excessive firing] in his own zealous defense was what caused Andrea’s death. Now the NCPD needs to do some firing. He doesn’t deserve the uniform and badge.

    • TomTom

      Venice Vienna, WOW…….really? Cops go to work EVERY day & put their lives on the line for ingrates like you, he “panicked and placed his own life above the innocent”…..lets view the alternative scenario which you are obviously suggesting. The Officer does NOT shoot the savage when he points the gun at him & he gets shot, now the savage has TWO guns……I could only hope you’d be the next one to encounter that savage if that was the case, not to mention how many other people would have been killed. Maybe we should hear from the two other kids families whos life this Officer saved instead of clueless monday morning Quarterbacks.

  • John Doe

    @venicevienna:disqus He did what he could in a hostage situation. 88 shots may seem excessive but it isn’t. Body shots won’t take a person down immediately because the body rushes massive amounts of adrenaline through the body on impact. He was trying to save the girl who would have been killed by Smith had he not taken action. And his life would have probably been taken as well leaving this animal on the run. He did his job the police serve and protect the public he made every effort to do so. The door slammed behind him once he entered the room it was a trap. Know the story before you comment and form an opinion.

  • John Doe

    8 shots*

  • He plain and simple screwed up…