Real Bronx Tours Takes White Tourists on Bronx Ghetto Tours, Includes ‘PickPocket Park’

BRONX GHETTO TOURS:  New York City politicians are fuming over a Bronx bus tour that promises “a ride through a real New York City GHETTO,” the New York Post reports. The Real Bronx Tours takes riders, mostly white Europeans and Australians, on a trip that includes “stops at food-pantry lines” and a “pickpocket park” three times a week, the newspaper reports.

Last week, on the first stop of the $45 tour, guide Lynn Battaglia, from Pittsburgh, pointed out a housing project. She then mocked the Grand Concourse, modeled after a Parisian boulevard. “Do you feel like we’re on the Champs-Elysées?” she teased a couple from Paris.


The bus stopped in front of St. Mary’s Park, where she credited Mayor Rudy Giuliani for curbing crime.

“If it were 1980 and you said to me, ‘Lynn, I want to die.’ My answer would be, ‘You’re in the right neighborhood,’ ” she said.

She suggested the park is still dangerous.

“I might encourage you to walk with a New Yorker, not because you’re going to get shot, just because sometimes people take advantage if they know you’re a tourist, either charge you too much or maybe someone would pick your pocket,” she said. Source