Rep. Bobby Rush Calls Sen. Mark Kirk’s Mass Arrest Proposal “Upper-Middle-Class Elitist White Boy Solution”

Rep. Bobby Rush (D-IL) wallowed in the political muck and played the race card. Rush, who was very critical of a proposal by Sen. Mark Kirk (R-IL) for mass arrests of 18,000 Gangster Disciples, told the Chicago Sun-Times that Kirk’s approach is “headline grabbing” and an “upper-middle-class, elitist white boy solution to a problem he knows nothing about.”

“One of Kirk’s top priorities is targeting gangs; he has been meeting with law enforcement officials to devise a plan to execute the mass arrests.”

Even if Bobby Rush is making a valid point about Kirk’s proposal being problematic, why invoke race? He will be on the receiving end of scathing rebuke by the right wing.

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Janet Shan is a freelance journalist and managing editor of the Hinterland Gazette, who is working on her first novel, a mystery based in the hills on Montego Bay.