David Rutherford, Ex-GA Magic Radio Personality, Found Dead in Church Parking Lot

David Rutherford, a former Columbus radio personality, was found dead in the parking lot of the Greater Ward Chapel AME Church Wednesday. His death has been ruled a homicide. He was known as Dave Ford on the radio. He also worked for radio stations in Miami, Washington D.C. and Manchester, Ga.

Rutherford, originally from New Jersey, became a taxi driver after retiring from Magic 101.3 FM.

Police have yet to disclose details on the man’s death, but neighbors told the television station they heard Rutherford being robbed outside of his house.

“I heard somebody talking about ‘Give me the money’ and all kinds of stuff like that, and that was it,” Rutherford’s long-time friend and neighbor, James Crouch, told the television station. Source: AJC