Gawker Releases Archives of Infamous Liberal Media Journolist



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Gawker releases the archives of the famous liberal media Journolist, hacked by Guccifer, controversy was stoked by Andrew Breitbart in 2009, cost Dave Weigel job at WaPo. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Gawker on posted what it claims are archives from “Journolist,” which is the private listserv involving hundreds of journalists that was at the center of controversy stoked by the late Andrew Breitbart in 2009.


The hacker Guccifer has provided us with the copy of the Journolist archive. You can find it below. It appears to be the full archive, although there is no way for us to confirm that. (Update: It’s not the full, multi-year archives. Most of the content appears to be from the summer of 2010, right around the time that Journolist was becoming a public controversy.) It also appears to have been hacked from one of the Journolist members. As you can see, it is very long, and its formatting makes reading it somewhat difficult. Don’t blame us. This is simply a data dump— a public service, for those who may have been waiting breathlessly for the past four years to get at the raw material of what was once considered the very epicenter of the liberal Washington media cabal.


Here are the archives from Gawker.


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