LA Times: Edward Snowden Smuggled NSA Documents on Thumb Drive, Not ‘Four Laptops’

The Edward Snowden NSA leaking scandal lives another day. The LA Times has a report that contradicts how he smuggled classified documents out of the Hawaii office where he worked. The LA Times reports Edward Snowden was able to smuggle the documents with a USB thumb drive. Such a device is barred inside the spy agency. Interesting, since it directly contradicts Glenn Greenwald’s account in the Guardian, which claims Snowden smuggled four classified laptops out of the NSA facility and yes, all the way to Hong Kong.

Former National Security Agency contract employee Edward Snowden used a computer thumb drive to smuggle highly classified documents out of an NSA facility in Hawaii, using a portable digital device supposedly barred inside the cyber spying agency, U.S. officials said.

Investigators “know how many documents he downloaded and what server he took them from,” said one official who would not be named while speaking about the ongoing investigation.

Snowden worked as a system administrator, a technical job that gave him wide access to NSA computer networks and presumably a keen understanding of how those networks are monitored for unauthorized downloads.

I know the government won’t really tell the whole truth, but it seems implausible to me that Edward Snowden could sneak four laptops out of the NSA undetected.