Nelson Mandela’s Family and Tribal Chiefs Gather At His Home in Qunu

BREAKING NEWS:  The family of Nelson Mandela and tribal chiefs gather at his home in Qunu following urgent call by his children. The Mail & Guardian is reporting, that a “few cars have been seen at the Mandela family gravesite in Qunu, while the relatives called an urgent meeting in the village to brief the elders.”

The City Press is reporting that white doves have been released at the Pretoria hospital where Nelson Mandela is a patient.

Businessman Calvern Hugo today released about 60 birds near the Celliers Street entrance, in recognition of Mandela’s contribution to the country’s freedom.

“It was a few minutes of sacrifice that we took out of our busy schedules to say thank you for the sacrifices he (made) for the nation as a whole,” Hugo said.

“We are really appreciative of what you have done for us as a nation. What you have done will echo throughout the generations to come.”