Sen. John McCain’s Son Navy Lt. Jack McCain Marries Air Force Capt. Renee Swift

Sen. John McCain's Son, Jack McCain, Marries Black Woman, Renee Swift
Sen. John McCain’s Son, Jack McCain, Marries Black Woman, Renee Swift (Sen. John McCain’s Office)

While there are racist bigots in the Republican Party, John McCain and his family have always risen about that rancor, so much so that his son Navy Lt. Jack McCain married a black woman, Air Force Capt. Renée Jessica Swift. I guess the racist haters will come out in force over this interracial union, as they freaked-out of the interracial family featured in a Cheerios’ advertisement.

Jack McCain and Renée Swift said “I Do” at the historic Grace Cathedral on Nob Hill. Attendees to the wedding included Mitt Romney and some of Sen. McCain’s advisers.

The couple headed to Africa for their honeymoon. This isn’t the first senior Republican to welcome diversity in their family. House Speaker John Boehner’s daughter, Lindsay Boehner, wed Jamaican-born construction worker Dominic Lakhan. Congratulations to the happy couples and I applaud them for embracing diversity.’

Just for the haters, here’s another photograph of Jack and Renee McCain:

Racist comments left on Facebook about Sen. John McCain's son marrying black woman
Idiotic comments left on Facebook about Sen. John McCain’s son marrying black woman (Photo credit: Facebook)

The racists came out in force on this interracial marriage after Sen. McCain posted on his Facebook page. Here are some comments from a few ignoramus people:

Diann Daily wrote: “No wonder McCain has crawled into bed with Obama…His son married a black girl! McCain is a RINO and a TRAITOR! Eeeewwwwwwwww…..”

Jacqui Lempka wrote:  Obama supporting RINO!!! What he said IS TRUE and you know it!! How much is Obama/Soros/Jarrett paying you?!!!!

Matt Moberg wrote:  Oh, NOW I see what’s caused him to “cave” on so many issues in favor of Obama’s agenda! Jeesh, Senator! You too?