YCL’s Buti Manamela: Obama Touring Africa Over Fears of Chinese Infiltration into Vast African Market


South Africa’s Young Communist League national secretary Buti Manamela says President Obama has disappointed millions. He says, “In reality, Obama is here for trade relations, not for the benefit of the continent, but the gain of United States imperialism. The benefit of American companies to continue raping our mineral resources,” the City Press reports.

“We had hoped that with his election those things would come to a decline.”The world had hoped he would withdraw troops from Afghanistan, allow Africans to use African solutions to African problems, and close down the Guantanamo Bay detention camp.

Manamela said these expectations had become a pipe dream. Obama decided to tour Africa because America felt threatened by Chinese infiltration of the vast African market, Manamela said.

“They [the Americans] see that China is already here. It is because of that threat posed by China that America is here. This whole thing [the trip] is influenced by the fact that Africa’s economy is growing,” he said.

“It is opportunistic of the Americans to present this trip as beneficial to the continent when it is part of their battle against China.”