Facebook Post: Trayvon Martin Murder Justified Because He’s a ‘Ghetto-Guy with Gold Teeth’

Trayvon Martin called a ‘ghetto guy with gold teeth‘ on Facebook. This is the continuing denigration of the unarmed teen who was fatally shot by overzealous volunteer neighborhood watch captain George Zimmerman. This person believed it was okay for Zimmerman to target the teen because of his appearance. He also justifies Trayvon Martin’s murder on the fact that his friend, Rachel Jeantel is a ‘ghetto girl.’

Here’s an excerpt from the Facebook post from a Jewish guy:

Turns out that the guy is a ghetto 6’3” guy with gold teeth wearing a hoodie coming towards you. All you have to do is listen to his ghetto best friend, who can’t talk in a manner that a normal person can understand and you’ll know that Trevon [sic] was probably made out of the same cloth. There was not even 1 character witness for TM, why!?, Because it wouldn’t be a pretty picture. They say “tell me who your friends are and I’ll tell you who you are”. TM probably started using his ghetto language and attitude and being a 6’3” strong guy he just thought, here is an opportunity to beat the shit out of this “creepy ass cracka”. So he did.

Zimmerman fearing for his life had to use his last resort, shoot him! I would have done the same. This has nothing, absolutely nothing to do with race. If this was a white red neck with no teeth Zimmerman would have still be concerned and would have acted the same. Not sure how that red-neck would have reacted, but if he did react the same as TM, he would have ended up dead too. Shame, that self-promoting, so called Civil Rights Leaders try to make a self defense case, into a racially dividing case.

Here’s a screen shot of the entire screed:

Facebook Post: Trayvon Martin Murder Justified Because He's a 'Ghetto-Guy with Gold Teeth'
Facebook Post: Trayvon Martin Murder Justified Because He’s a ‘Ghetto-Guy with Gold Teeth’
  • johnsmith9875

    Zimmerman knew nothing about Trayvon Martin. He had never seen him before so he knew nothing about his past, his attitudes or his beliefs.
    Obviously Zimmerman only profiled him based on the color of his skin, because there’s nothing suspicious about a person walking on a public sidewalk at 7pm.

    • John Smith — Exactly. I don’t believe Trayvon Martin was walking with his mouth wide-open exposing his so-called gold teeth. There is so much prejudicial statements made by that Facebook poster. The fact remains, GZ profiled the teen for no reason.