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Glenn Beck Unhinged: “I Was Diane Sawyer’s Little Bitch”

Glenn Beck Unhinged:  "I Was Diane Sawyer's Little Bitch"

Glenn Beck Unhinged: “I Was Diane Sawyer’s Little Bitch”

I am convinced, now more than ever, that Glenn Beck is a nutcase. On his radio show Wednesday morning, he recalled the time when he was employed by ABC News and became Diane Sawyer’s ‘little bitch” before their working relationship soured, Buzzfeed reports.

Beck claims that during his stint as an ABC contributor, Diane Sawyer would call him frequently to bounce ideas off him for improving television. He said “I was Diane Sawyer’s little bitch.” He recalled how she would  call and e-mail him so frequently his wife became concerned.

In his mind, the relationship went sour after the Council on American–Islamic Relations “went down to ABC” and demanded that the network stop giving him a platform or they will boycott ABC,  parent company Disney, and the Disney parks. Beck said, “All of the sudden, I can’t get Diane on the phone.”  “Eight months later, I have lunch with her, and she becomes the biggest bigot I’ve ever seen in my life.”