Kokopelli’s Gym Offers ‘George Zimmerman Training Program’ in Disgusting Publicity Stunt

Kokopelli's Gym Offers 'George Zimmerman Training Program' in Disgusting Publicity Stunt
Kokopelli’s Gym Offers ‘George Zimmerman Training Program’ in Disgusting Publicity Stunt

#‎BREAKING‬: Defense rests in the ‪#‎GeorgeZimmerman‬ trial. Won’t take the stand in his own defense.

SHAMEFUL:  Kokopelli’s gym, where George Zimmerman was receiving MMA instruction by Adam Pollock is promoting the ‘George Zimmerman training program’ on its website. If this isn’t a slap in the face of Trayvon Martin and his family, then I don’t know what else is. Kokopelli’s is offering customers the chance to sign up now for information on Zimmerman’s training, to be delivered only after the trial is over. Um, why would anyone pony up their hard-earned cash for this program? Didn’t George Zimmerman get his ass kicked by a teenager? This is nothing more than a crass attempt to exploit the murder of an unarmed 17 year old.   Here’s the despicable promotion:


To receive information about the training George Zimmerman received at KOKOPELLI’S GYM, please email request by filling out the form provided below.

Zimmerman Training Information Request Form



* George Zimmerman training information will be provided for those who request it after the completion of the trial.

I first heard about this on the ‘Nancy Grace Show’ on HLN last night  and did some research this morning. It’s just despicable that the gym could sink to this low.

When asked by the prosecution during rebuttal in the George Zimmerman trial, Adam Pollack vehemently denied marketing the training using Zimmerman’s name. That’s despite saying under oath during his earlier testimony for the defense that George Zimmerman had no fighting skills.  Prosecutor Richard Mantei asked, “Are you now marketing the training that you gave George Zimmerman on your website?” “Absolutely not,” said Pollack. Um, that’s a lie.