Robert Zimmerman Jr. Tweets He’s “Proud to Be an American” After Brother Found Not Guilty

trayvon martin hoodie 300x168 Robert Zimmerman Jr. Tweets Hes Proud to Be an American After Brother Found Not Guilty

Robert Zimmerman Jr. Tweets He’s “Proud to Be an American” After Brother Found Not Guilty

After slandering Trayvon Martin on Twitter, Robert Zimmerman Jr., George Zimmerman’s brother, tweets, he is proud of being an American. So, exactly what is the Martin family supposed to say? It’s a sad day for America. Robert Zimmerman tweeted a picture comparing Trayvon Martin to baby killer DeMarquise Elkins, even though the teen had no criminal record or had any brushes with the law. We all know George Zimmerman was accused of assaulting a police officer and had a domestic violence issue. There is nothing to be proud about, when the district attorneys offices across the United States continue to over-prosecute blacks by disproportionate numbers.

It is time to have a conversation about race relations and Stand Your Ground laws. How is it in 2013 a grown man could racially profile a teen, who was doing nothing wrong, engage him in an argument which led to a fight and have no culpability. George Zimmerman got it so wrong, but was rewarded with a not guilty verdict. Plaxico Buress shot himself in the leg and was sent to prison. Michael Vick was sent to prison for dog fighting and killing dogs, but yet George Zimmerman walked free.

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  • labman57

    Proud to be an American …. whose brother is a racist vigilante police force-reject with a chip on his shoulder.

    • HinterlandG

      Labman — Amen to that!

  • don

    –and O.J. killed two people and walked free.Since they were white I heard no marches,the D.O.J. paid for no rallies and there was no threats to his family .So which race has the racist hatemongers in their ranks??It is time this country came together instead of having a handful of demigods always playing the race card and foisting hatred on one another.