State Medical Examiner Shiping Bao: Trayvon Martin Alive for 1-10 Minutes After Being Shot

State Medical Examiner Shiping Bao: Trayvon Martin Alive for 1-10 Minutes After Being Shot
State Medical Examiner Shiping Bao: Trayvon Martin Alive for 1-10 Minutes After Being Shot (Screenshot from video)

The state rests in the George Zimmerman trial. The judge denied the defense’s application for acquittal. The week ended with the defense calling its first two witnesses, Gladys Zimmerman and her brother.

UPDATE: Dr. Shiping Bao acknowledges he changed his opinion on how long Trayvon Martin was alive after being shot, the effect of marijuana in the teen’s body.

Shiping Bao, state medical examiner, takes the stand in the George Zimmerman murder trial.  Bao says, “I believe he [Trayvon Martin] was alive for one to ten minutes after he was shot. His heart was bleeding until there was no blood left.” Of the single, fatal shot he adds, “There is no chance he could survive. Zero.”

Bao is an expert in forensic pathology and conducted the final autopsy on Trayvon Martin. He determined the cause of death to be a gunshot wound to the chest.

Shiping Bao also described the path of the bullet:  “Perforations of anterior wall of space between 5th and 6th ribs. Bullet went through the pericardial sac, right ventricle of the heart, posterior wall of right ventricle of the heart. We recovered 1700 milliliters of blood in the right lower cavity, 1000 milliliters of blood in the left cavity.”

I don’t know if it’s fair to expect Shiping Bao to remember every detail about the autopsy he performed on Trayvon Martin, considering he does many. But judging from the prominence of the case, I am a little surprised he said he has ‘zero’ recollection of the autopsy.  Here’s a tweet from the Miami Herald:

There was drama in the court as Shiping Bao and defense attorney Don West knocked heads. Here’s the account from HLN-TV. This back-and-forth is reminiscent of Don West and Rachel Jeantel. Don West was trying to rattle Dr. Bao, but the good doctor wasn’t trying to take his mess.

Here’s an excerpt of Dr. Bao’s testimony:

11:55 a.m. ET: West requests time to make copies of and review Bao’s notes. He objects, but Judge Debra Nelson recesses the court for lunch. Copies will be made of his notes and Judge Nelson assures they’ll be destroyed after his testimony ends.

11:53 am. ET: The defense attorneys grin while reviewing Bao’s notes. From the witness stand, the medical examiner asks “Is there something funny there?”

11:50 a.m. ET: Bao is reading his answers off personal notes. “I typed out potential answers to your potential questions.” West asks to see the notes, but Bao replied “I’d rather you not.” Judge Nelson tells him both sides’ attorneys are entitled to view his notes.

11:46 a.m. ET: West asks if Martin’s wet clothes were sealed in a plastic bag before examination. “If anybody do that, he’ll be gone the next day. This is a very basic concept,” Bao says. He adds it’s standard procedure to use a paper bag instead of a plastic bag for clothing.

11:38 a.m. ET: West and Bao are arguing about his not responding to West’s question about the autopsy timeline. Judge Nelson tells the witness to “please stop speaking so Mr. West can ask the next question.”

11:32 a.m. ET: West asks Bao about the time which passed between when Martin was shot and when his body was removed from the scene. West says it was a little less than three hours (approx. 7:15 p.m. to 10:10 p.m.) though Bao will not confirm that since he was not at the scene himself.

Bao said he believes that there were two shirts between Travyon Martin’s skin and the gun. He said based on the stipling, there was intermediate distance, which is 0.4 inches to four feet. He was excused subject to recall.

  • Susie

    Their was a reason the Dr. didnt remember, but the defendants attorney prevented him giving the reason. The prosecutor should have asked him that question.

    • not believe doctors

      what were the reasons?

      • guavass

        It’s impossible to remember exact events, after 2 years your memories are influenced by new events or new one are created, and that is what Bao said.

  • bad doctor

    Dr. Bao is a shame. Nobody uses the heart to feel.

    • guavass

      I do.

  • bad doctor

    Dr. Bao, how do you know it was a homicide, but not a suicide for your career expertise.

  • new horizons

    Reading comments from all over the web about this case is disconcerting. Zimmerman is someone who made it into a gated community. Once he got there, he didn’t want anyone else in his exclusive surroundings—especially not some black “punk”. From what I gather from around the web if the situation was reversed and some white came into a black neighborhood, it would be acceptable to follow that white person and call the local police because obviously, a white in a black neighborhood is up to no-good. If the white person fights back after being harassed, it is acceptable to shoot the white person because, hey, it’s self-defense. Does the rest of the world really feel this way or are just the racist bigots doing the posting?

    • tcliii

      @new horizons…you are WAY more of a racist than Zimmerman is, ever was, or ever could be.
      You have done nothing more than state your opinion using an example that just doesn’t work. You do not know George Zimmerman, so how could you possibly know how he thinks? Go to your room with no dinner, sit in the corner, and think about how silly you were for posting this nonsense.

      • TCliii — I am amazed at the position some people are taking, with no first hand knowledge of what really happened. Trayvon Martin isn’t here to give his version of the events.

    • tommyrot

      Any white person who goes into any black neighborhood after dark – and to many of them during the day – will be assaulted, murdered, raped, or robbed simply because he or she is white. Let’s try to be at least a little honest here, despite all whites have done for whites in the past 100 years, blacks hate whites and too high a percentage of blacks are thugs. To those who ask justice for Trayvon, he got justice from Zimmerman one night about two years ago.

    • New Horizons — So, the unarmed black kid didn’t belong in a gated community? You are calling Trayvon Martin a black punk, but were you at the scene of the shooting? Did you have firsthand knowledge of what really happened? Nice try deflecting from your own racist mindset.

  • tommyrot

    It is my recollection that to use notes in court the notes must be contemporaneous ones. The trial of Zimmerman is flawed from the start and the actions of this piglet judge has only made it worse. Her conduct has approached being as bad as the conduct of the prosecutor – and they’re both obviously on the same side. O yes, and Bao is an idiot.

  • yanni54

    Please remind me never to let my family use this guy because he can’t stick to his own results. He had completed and had his concrete report on this case until “three weeks ago”? GIVE ME A FRICKIN BREAK!!!!! Then all of a sudden he questions the amount of time it took this man to die, but the cop who says he was doing CPR on Trayvon stated that there was NO heartbeat or breath sounds, only bubbling sounds or (as the old people calls it the death rattle) which indicates a gunshot through the heart and lungs where as the lungs are filling with blood. Zimmerman also told the cops that he had his gun in the holster that was on his back right hip(his lawyer lied and pointed and said the gun was in the front of GZ hip), (check the tape where GZ is showing the cop what happened) and that Trayvon was on top of him using his knees to pin down his arms which means his back right hip would have been covered or hidden by Trayvon’s feet and behind, so how could TM have seen the gun? I believe the two of them could have just fought it out. Most 17 year old wouldn’t back off from that, but TM started screaming because GZ pulled out that gun and TM was hoping someone would hear his screams and call 911 since he had already dropped his phone, but when GZ shot that child the screams stopped? If GZ was screaming and he was the alive one that was left standing and he still needed help then why did the screaming stop the split second the shot went off? BECAUSE THE SCREAMER WAS SHOT TO DEATH, THAT’S WHY!!! Why would GZ scream for help, if he had the weapon and he KNEW THE POLICE WAS ON THERE WAY TO GIVE HIM BACK UP (that’s why he didn’t need to scream)!! This man and his defense are the biggest liars I’ve ever seen in my life! Was Dr. Bao paid off or put on notice to change his story since he knew this was his results of his examination he had completed over a year ago on this case until ‘THREE WEEKS AGO? BS TO THE MAX!! I think he was paid off to throw a bone to the defense side and I’m starting to wonder about that judge too!!

    • Yanni54 — I hear you and agree with you, but this will be up to the jury’s interpretation.

  • Haley Walker

    Dr. Shiping Bao is a joke, just ask for his reference at Tarrant County Medical Examiner’s Office in Texas.

    • Haley — I believe he didn’t help the prosecution’s case. He was all over the place.