Joe Scarborough: Right Wing Talkers on TV, Radio Tell Voters Only Whites Welcome in GOP

Joe Scarborough: Right Wing Talkers on TV, Radio Tell Voters Only Whites Welcome in GOP
Joe Scarborough: Right Wing Talkers on TV, Radio Tell Voters Only Whites Welcome in GOP

MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” host Joe Scarborough tore into the Republican Party saying they are focusing on the wrong issues in their efforts to assemble voters that can win a presidential election. He lambasted the party leadership for pandering to talk radio and cable news that communicate one message to voters — if you’re not white, you’re really not welcome in this party.” Amen.

There’s more.

Scarborough said that Republicans are overly antagonistic to members of the LGBT community who care about gay marriage, or Latinos who care about immigration issues, or African-Americans who care about discrimination issues.

“You take Trayvon Martin, it would have cost republican leaders absolutely nothing,” Scarborough said to Ed Rendell, “absolutely nothing, to just show a little respect.”

“It doesn’t cost you anything to stay off of talk radio or prime time cable news shows where you get in the middle of this divisive debate and send a message to African-Americans and other minorities you don’t care,” he continued.

“These people on talk radio, these people on cable news that are saying these things that are driving off the very swing voters we need to get elected to the White House again,” Scarborough concluded. He advocated for high-profile politicians to publically castigate Republican talkers in cable news and on talk radio to win back minority voters. Source: Mediaite

There you have it in a nutshell, the reason why I won’t ever vote for a Republican presidential candidate. The denigration of the black and LGBT communities are just the tip of the iceberg. What people like Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Michael Savage, and others are saying, we can insult you, but still want you to vote for our guy. Um, like SNL’s George H. W. Bush character (played by Dana Carvey) would say, “not gonna happen.”

I would encourage all my readers, if you haven’t registered to vote, please do so now. Every vote counts. We have to stand up and fight. There is strength in numbers. The Republicans would like nothing better than for us to stay home on election day, so any moron they present as their presidential nominee will win.

  • Janet:

    You tell us that the GOP OFFENDS you and thus they won’t get your vote.

    If we look at it a different way – the DEMOCRATIC PARTY and the “Embedded Confidence Men BLACK PROGRESSIVE OPERATIVES” have compelled Black people to HAND OVER THEIR VALUABLES with the promise that Black people would receive DEVELOPMENT.

    At what point, Janet, does the THEFT of the ability of the Black Community to DEVELOP ITSELF leveraging the “Black Community Resources for Uplift” become MORE SUPERIOR to you than the OFFENSE of the Right-Wing OFFENDING YOU?

    I am ultimately not asking you to VOTE FOR REPUBLICANS.

    I am asking you why do Black people VOTE FOR THEIR SALVATION – at the cost of destroying other INSTITUTIONS within the community as everything is converged into POLITICS? (The Malcolm X Political Football game – where you are the football)

  • DaTechGuy on DaRadio

    not only is it a lie but it’s a damn lie as a quick look at the interviews I conduced at the rnc event in boston shows.

    I’d give more details but I’m in the process of covering an event where 170 republicans are paying to hear Allen West speak in NH

    • Dear DaTechGuy:

      Your style of rebuttal is frivolous.

      Why do you even debate the “Republicans don’t want minorities indictment”?

      It is more rational to look at WHO the Black Americans have INVESTED their hopes into for more than 50 years and then make note of the DEVELOPMENT benefits that have been received.

      My challenge to Janet and those like her is to explain Why, after all of these INVESTMENTS are they still pushing VOTE FOR YOUR SALVATION as the primary means of uplift for their community?

      If anything Janet would do better to DECOUPLE the EMOTIONS that Black people have for POLITICS so they can VOTE for who they prefer BUT NEVER, NEVER, NEVER allow anyone to convince them that they will be DEVELOPED by anything other than that which they do INSIDE OF THEIR OWN COMMUNITY.