Oprah Winfrey Blasted by Swiss Animal Rights Group Over Crocodile-Skin Bag

Oprah Winfrey Blasted by Swiss Animal Rights Group Over Crocodile-Skin Handbag
Oprah Winfrey Blasted by Swiss Animal Rights Group Over Crocodile-Skin Handbag

The Oprah Winfrey Zurich handbag race row lives yet another day. A Swiss animal rights groups blast Oprah over her interest in a crocodile-skin leather bag. The Local reports Four Paws (Vier Pfoten) was critical of the fact that Winfrey would want to buy a crocodile bag and called on Trois Pommes to withdraw the item from sale.

Animal rights activists are especially curious to know why Winfrey would want to see a crocodile bag given her avowed support for animal rights.

PETA, the world’s largest animal rights group, named Winfrey “person of the year” in 2008 after she spoke out against the wearing of fur.

But the organization has also campaigned against the “heartless millions” made in the fashion industry from the use of exotic animal skins. Source:  The Local

Oprah Winfrey Handbag Scandal: Dressed Up So Nobody Would Mistake Me For Homeless Person
Oprah Winfrey Dressed Up So “Nobody Would Mistake Me For Homeless Person” (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Separately, Oprah Winfrey was interviewed by Blick newspaper and maintains she was the victim of racism at the upscale Trois Pommes boutique.

‘I was asked if I am confronted with racism,’ she told Swiss daily Blick in an interview in Los Angeles on Monday night but not published until today.

‘My answer – not in the same way as others because I am so well known. Except on Twitter, no-one dares confront me with the N-word. I feel discrimination in a different way.

‘My antenna receives an underlying “what is going on here?” I called Zurich an example, because it was happening.’

Asked if she was being ‘particularly sensitive,’ she said: ‘No! I know of no black man who was never stopped by police because of his skin color, or persecuted, but it’s different for women. What I’ve experienced in Switzerland happened only once before in my life. So I didn’t want to indict Switzerland. It was a single incident. An incident that people of black or brown color experience daily. Source: Daily Mail

What stood out to me, was that Oprah Winfrey felt she had to get all dressed up to go to the store in the first place. She said she wore a Donna Karan outfit to Trois Pommes and “even washed my hair, so nobody could mistake me for a homeless person who got lost in the store.” Wow. So, there is a level of racism inherent. Would the sales assistant have had the same reaction to a white person?

Oprah maintained the sales assistant discriminated against her, saying “the woman did not want to get down the bag which I wanted to look at. The effort was too much for her. She said to me, that the bag was simply too expensive. And I said: “I want to see it anyway.”  Instead she tossed me cheaper bags.”