Samantha Scheibe: George Zimmerman Threatened Suicide After Media Attention Ended Over Acquittal

Samantha Scheibe: George Zimmerman Threatened Suicide After Media Attention Ended Over Acquittal
Samantha Scheibe: George Zimmerman Threatened Suicide After Media Attention Ended Over Acquittal

George Zimmerman’s estranged girlfriend Samantha Scheibe sent a series of text messages to an Orlando television station saying he is suicidal and allegedly ‘spiraled’ into a very deep depression after he was acquitted for the murder of unarmed black teen Trayvon Martin that he shoved a gun in his mouth and threatened to pull the trigger. She also claims he swallowed a whole bottle of sleeping pills. You see, George Zimmerman must have an enormous hole in his soul because he is being haunted by his shooting of a teenager.

Samantha Scheibe, who seems to have had a short but tempestuous relationship with Zimmerman, claims she feared for her life. Um, but if you fear for your life do you contact the television station or the police department? There are also rumblings that she shopped a story around. Sounds like she’s in a race against his estranged wife, Shellie Zimmerman, for media attention.

This latest insight into George Zimmerman’s state of mind came a day after the wannabe cop was slapped with a triple whammy — charged with assaulting Scheibe, served with divorce papers by his wife and is $2.5 million in debt. It’s also interesting that his family — Mom, Dad and brother, are nowhere to be seen in this latest criminal behavior.

Scheibe also said she believes George Zimmerman secretly enjoyed the attention he received when he was on trial and couldn’t handle a “normal existence” after the media went away when he was acquitted. Well, he may be getting more attention soon, and for all the wrong reasons. The Justice Department will decide “relatively soon” on whether to file civil rights charges against him for killing Trayvon Martin. Attorney General Eric Holder has also characterized the murder as a “tragic, unnecessary shooting death.”

I would hate to be one of the jurors that acquitted him for the murder of Trayvon Martin, especially juror B37, who said she would have him as a neighborhood watch captain and completely trusts him with owning a gun. Juror B37 was the one who was planning to write a tell-all book about the trial until social media outrage landed on her like a ton of bricks.

On a slightly separate note…..Remember when Geraldo Rivera attacked Trayvon Martin for bringing his murder on himself for wearing a hoodie? He’s singing a different tune now about George Zimmerman:

Meanwhile, not a word from Sean Hannity on Twitter about Zimmerman’s latest brush with the law…..

  • pelmo43

    Janet, you continue beating a dead horse, as you continue with a thousand and one postings regarding George Zimmerman. Yet neither you, the two reverends, the news media or the black community, can find the time to voice your outrage regarding the new game that black youths are playing called “Knockout”.
    You and the two reverends rant and rave about racial profiling, but refuse to accept the reasons why profiling occurs. Look into this new game of “Knockout”, and tell me that I, the police and the white community shouldn’t look at a black person approaching us or in the neighborhood suspiciously.
    You complain that your two sons get profiled, and why shouldn’t they, when no one in the black community speaks out against it.
    As long as you and others in the black community continue to bury your heads in the sand and ignore these violent youth and their actions, don’t cry racism, or racial profiling.
    Maybe if the black community would step up and speak out against this segment, Black Americans would not be painted with a broad brush….