California Methodist Church Features ‘Bleeding Trayvon Martin’ in Nativity Scene

California Methodist Church Features 'Dying Trayvon Martin' in Nativity Scene
California Methodist Church Features ‘Bleeding Trayvon Martin’ in Nativity Scene (Screengrab from video)

Claremont United Methodist Church has raised eyebrows with its edgy Nativity Scene complete with a “bleeding Trayvon Martin” as its centerpiece, InsideLocal reports.

John Zachary, the artist who created the display, said he likes to incorporate “contemporary issues” into the Nativity scene each year. He has incorporated themes such as homelessness and war in previous Nativity scenes. This year the theme was gun violence. Zachary said in a video uploaded by Inland Valley Daily Bulletin columnist David Allen:

“From our privileged point of view, we’ve come to see the Nativity as a representation of something that is comfortable and pleasant and wonderful in our lives and I want to make it about something that Jesus would have taught…about social justice.

“I’ve represented Trayvon Martin here sitting on the Nativity scene bleeding to death.”

Right-wing site Breitbart is running with this and the comments are really indicative of the level of hate that continues to be directed at Trayvon Martin, who clearly did nothing wrong when he was racially profiled by overzealous volunteer neighborhood watch caption George Zimmerman. One commenter called John Zachary “Another craven coward using the Trayvon Martin shooting to give silent approval to everyday inner city black-on-black violence.” Another commenter wrote: “Pathetic display of moral relevancy; A thug, and a Nativity scene. Think of the political mindset that could try to draw that association, and it’s means to an end.”

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  • Jon Carry

    Liberalism is obviously a mental disorder. Saint Trayvon of the Skittles, it would be funny if it weren’t so pathologically sick.


    WE already know THAT you KNOW that “The Right-Wing likes to FREAK OUT”.

    What about LEFT WING CHRISTIANS that note that Bill Maher attacks THEIR RELIGION but then seems to make up with him because he supports Obama?