RealityTV: A&E’s ‘Duck Dynasty’ Has Midas Touch Despite Phil Robertson Drama

RealityTV: A&E's 'Duck Dynasty' Has Midas Touch Despite All Drama
RealityTV: A&E’s ‘Duck Dynasty’ Has Midas Touch Despite Phil Robertson Drama

I have just watched my FIRST EPISODE ever of the Reality TV Show DUCK DYNASTY (@DuckDynastyAE).  Really!  It was the first time in their 5 season run I have even considered watching an episode.  I, like most folks I know in the inner city, have no desire to watch folks from the backwoods with crazy beards, and speaking country-talk on tv.  #iWasWrong

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Although this is my first episode (I watched two (2) the same night) I found myself literally laughing out loud at Si.  Si is a trip and you would never believe he was into ANIMAL SPORTS MOVIES at the level he articulates.  “Air Bud” was his favorite and while sick and lying on his brother Phil Robertson’s couch, he pulled out a VHS tape of the movie to watch.  I nearly spit out my water!  A VHS tape?  Who has a VCR still? And who, outside of Si, even has a VHS tape?  Si knew the movie in and out.

During the DUCK DYNASTY off season A&E (@AETV) –  the station that airs their program had the need to discipline one its famed cast members – Phil Robertson, the lead Patriarch of the Robertson family and Founder of the DUCK COMMANDER.  America stood in opposition to A&E’s act of discipline and Phil missed neither a beat nor a taping of a show.  Believe what you want, A&E knows they have a hit show on their hands and something tells me that this family wasn’t going to permit the station to inflict unnecessary punishment upon one of their own.

It was this very controversy which caused me to inquire more into this show.  During Halloween everywhere I went I would see costumes dedicated to the personalities on DUCK DYNASTY.  During Thanksgiving –Duck Dynasty products.  At Christmas time – Duck Dynasty Christmas songs.  Ducks! Ducks! Ducks!  So, the controversy and all the reported product sales began to pique my interest.

Most RealityTV Shows slowly progress from scene to scene and theme to theme, but not Duck Dynasty –even commercials run during the show’s breaks seem to go by quickly, which keeps its viewers glued into the show and wanting more.

In the Season 5 Premiere – Willie Robertson (@WillieBossHog), CEO of Duck Commander and the eldest son of Phil and Marsha Kay (affectionately referred to as “Miss Kay”), was preparing to travel to the airport to pick up his adopted daughter Rebecca Robertson.  According to a recent article in the CHRISTIAN POST, “Rebecca is 24-years-old, and is the adopted daughter… She initially stayed with the family as an exchange student from Taiwan, but the Robertson family fell in love with her and took her in as one of their own.”

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Rebecca traveled back home for a quick vacation from her college semester in Los Angeles.  The LA Fashion Major was picked up curb-side as she waited with 5 luggage bags and a little dog.  #RecordScratch

Willie, puzzled by the amount of luggage Rebecca had returned with, had an inkling that she had desired to stay longer than he’d anticipated. He was right!  She confessed she’d been considering moving back home and starting her own business.  #BoomerangBecca

In order to have a broader take on the show I will need, of course, to view more episodes of it.  I truly appreciate the use of language in the show, although cast mates may not be easy to understand right off that’s what closed captioning is for!

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  • I HAVE to watch this show. When I can find some downtime, I definitely will!

    • Erica Day — I have to tune in too. I have never watched it either.

  • Beth Bollig

    Alan is the oldest son..then Jase, Willie and Jep. Willie has the business degree and sense and the whole family has said no one else could have taken Duck Commander as far as Willie has.
    You will love the show! I recommend you start with Season 1 and go. You’ll be Happy Happy Happy if you do.