RealityTV: Thicker Than Water Season Finale, Drama Mixed with Wedded Bliss

Thicker Than Water Season Finale included Benji and Shanira Tankard Wedding
Thicker Than Water Season Finale included Benji and Shanira Tankard Wedding

THICKER THAN WATER SEASON FINALE:  I don’t know who to congratulate first – Benji and Shanira Tankard (@DjRichieRich10, @_ShaniraTankard) on their marriage or Jewel Tankard (@JewelTankard) for now being able to rest from the continued harassment and disharmonious rants of her youngest sister Junice Rockman (@JRockMotivates) on THICKER THAN WATER’s season finale.

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It appears that weddings are the trend for First Season Reality TV Show Finales.  As you may know, Oxygen’s PREACHERS OF LA concluded with a wedding between Deitrick and Dominique Haddon (@DeitrickHaddon, @Domerella) while Bravo’s THICKER THAN WATER concluded with the wedding of Benji and Shanira.  But who did it best?  That will be addressed later this week.  #StayTuned

THICKER THAN WATER is the most successful freshman series on Bravo, but don’t fault them if their rating numbers are down for the show’s finale.  Preceding the finale was the Season Premiere of BLOOD, SWEAT & HEELS.  Let’s just say, you could hear the viewer’s switching channels in search of more entertaining programming, this was also reflected on social media.  Kicking off the evening programs was REAL HOUSEWIVES OF ATLANTA, we will have to wait to see their actual numbers at evening’s start.

Weddings bring out the best and worst in people.  There was a predetermined list of people slated to speak during the Tankard wedding ceremony.  Following the final person set to address the young couple, Brooklyn Tankard (@Queen_Brooklyn) took it upon herself to grab the microphone and address the couple before all.  Although stress levels increased as she took the mic the “Queen’s” ceremony hijacking quickly turned into one of her most mature episode moments to date.  She spoke of a past with her brother where they were closer and loving to one another.  She explained how in the past Benji would ride on the back of her bike.  She concluded by telling Benji, “You can always ride on the back of my bike.” #AWWW

This true heartfelt moment came across the small screen with power and viewers used social media to express their appreciation for how Brooklyn conducted herself.

In a weird turn of events, Jewel Tankard’s sisters decided to have a “Sisters-Meeting” following the wedding ceremony and while the reception was in full swing. In this moment I felt my most compassionate for Jewel the entire season. By the way, she looked amazing in her red dress with yellow accents and wild necklace.

If you’ve watched all 8 episodes of THICKER THAN WATER not one episode is free from Junice Rockman’s attempts to make Jewel appear to be a witch, hypocrite or some other form of evil.  It was truly sad  to see Junice’s refusal to be happy over the course of the entire first season.  It was like watching a cast member die off  never to return the next season.

Can I play therapist for a quick moment?  In my humble opinion, I believe something happened to Junice when she was a child and she thinks Jewel knows about it.  Funny thing, if she actually told Jewel what happened to her she would most likely be shocked to know Jewel never had a clue and Junice could then release her anger towards her sister  and receive her love and support.  #FamilyHatersAreTheWorst

Thicker Than Water Season Finale wrong doves released at Tankard wedding
Thicker Than Water Season Finale – Wrong doves released at Tankard wedding

In a light hearted moment during the wedding ceremony the family was set to release a pair of doves.  Jewel had Benji and Shanira released the wrong doves.  It appears that there were two $10 doves that were to be released, but Jewel accidentally released the more expensive Doves, which Ben Tankard (@BenTankard) referred to as pigeons.  According to Benji’s Instagram page he noted, “Why we let the wrongs birds go that cost $10,000 I know daddy was tripping.”

One of the most powerful moments in the finale was the pre-wedding conversation Ben Tankard had with his son Benji.  He told Benji ,“I am honored to be your father.  It was a powerful moment because prior to Ben sharing these expressions with his son, he shared with the viewing public that he had a “One Night Stand” that produced his oldest son, Marcus TankardHe shared that his act was a mistake but the child was not a mistake. 

THICKER THAN WATER season finale ended in a clever fashion. Although the broadcast concluded its first season – the cast didn’t conclude as if the next season wasn’t expected.  It appears the Tankard’s fully expect to receive extensions for Season Two, Three and Four and who could argue that? The numbers don’t lie!

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