Michael Dunn Trial: Jury Reaches Verdict on 4 of 5 Charges, Not on Jordan Davis Murder Charge

Michael Dunn Trial: Jury Reaches Verdict on 4 of 5 Charges, Not on Count 1
Michael Dunn Trial: Jury Reaches Verdict on 4 of 5 Charges, Not on Count 1

#DunnTrial:  The jury in the Michael Dunn murder trial reached a verdict on four of five charges, but are unable to reach a verdict on Count 1, the murder charge and lesser charges in the death of 17-year-old  Jordan Davis.

Judge Russell Healy read the Allen Charge (#AllenCharge), which says the jury must go back and try to reach a verdict. If they are unable to do so, a mistrial will be declared on Count 1. I am appalled that, with all the inconsistencies in Michael Dunn’s statements, that some on the jury seemed to believe his self-defense argument.

It’s sad that Jordan Davis’ parents are literally left without justice for their son. It’s ironic that Michael Dunn had only seen his own son three times in 15 years, but sought to discipline another man’s child. Jordan Davis’ dad, Ron Davis, played a role in his child’s life. He wasn’t an absentee Dad like Michael Dunn is.

CNN is reporting the Jordan Davis’ family is distraught on hearing about first degree, second degree and manslaughter charges on the murdered teen’s behalf.

It should be noted that if Michael Dunn is found guilty on the other charges, Florida law calls for a mandatory minimum sentence of 20 years for each count of attempted murder. Each of those sentences must be served consecutively and not concurrently. He will not get out early for good behavior. He must serve the entire sentence, which would be 60 years.

The family of Trayvon Martin issued a statement through their attorney Benjamin Crump:

Nelson Mandela once said, “may your choices reflect your hopes, not your fears.” The killing of 17 year old Jordan Davis is yet another reminder that in Florida, racial profiling and stereotypes may serve as the basis for supposititious fear and the shooting and killing of young teenagers. No matter the verdict, the fact that Ron and Lucia will never see their son again will not change; we know that pain all too well. We walk with Jordan in defining his legacy to reflect our hopes by advancing love and tolerance in his memory, and continuing the fight against unjust gun laws.

Jordan Davis’ mother tweet about his birthday on Sunday: