RealityTV: ‘Kim of Queens’ Teaches Beauty Pageant Contestants More Than Talent

RealityTV 'Kim of Queens' Teaches Beauty Pageant Contestants to Fake Talent
RealityTV ‘Kim of Queens’ Teaches Beauty Pageant Contestants More Than Talent

Blame it on channel surfing!  While channel surfing the other night I ran into the GABBY DOUGLAS STORY on LIFETIME (@LifetimeTV).  I was intrigued and watched with great intensity because, not only did I WANT to know more about Gabrielle Douglas (@GabrielleDoug), I NEEDED to know more.   You see, I was one of the millions of people who didn’t know who she was until she won Olympic Gold in London 2012.  Once the movie went off, I couldn’t bring myself to change the channel. #iToldU2BlameGabby

Because I didn’t change the channel I encountered  the show that aired next – KIM OF QUEENS (@KimOfQueens | #KimOfQueens).  #ShockedAndAmazed

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This Reality TV Show highlights the very professional KIM GRAVEL (@Kim_Gravel).  According to Kim Gravel’s bio on Lifetime’s website – she is a “Pageant coach and ballsy…her zone spotting young talent and propelling young girls into the spotlight, securing sash and crown. The very first pageant Gravel entered at the age of 16, she won and continued her streak all the way to Miss Georgia… A master at seeing the gift each person has inside of them, Gravel shares, “I see things in young girls they don’t see in themselves.” She wants nothing more for the girls she meets and mentors than to be all they can be and take on the world with confidence. Utilizing Gravel’s bottomless bag of tips and tricks, she transforms small town, country girls into classy, confident beauty queens.”  READ MORE

Episode 5, entitled BOOKWORM INTO A BUTTERFLY, was my introduction to the show and #WOW was I blown away. 

Most people believe Beauty Contests, Pageantry and Competitions are very concerning.  It appears young girls are being pressured into looking like grown women and dressed in clothing that appears to be made for CHILD STRIPPERS.  This show completely shatters that ideology!  #StayWithMeHERE

Kim Gravel, provides a behind the scenes look into the pageantry world with a goal of motivating young women to “perform” for positive personal development.

In episode 5, originally aired on January 28, 2014 (Pre-Black History Month), “Frustrated with her regular pageant girls’ inability to display personality,” according to the Lifetime website, “Kim introduces smart, quirky pageant newbie EJ as motivation.”

EJ’s birth name is EXQUISITE and she’s a bookworm who stays in the library, has an awesome personality and is filled with confidence.  She was electric, skilled in debate and powerful!

The difference between Exquisite and the main cast members of this Reality TV Show is that Exquisite is a Beautiful Dark Chocolate girl who would be considered larger than the normal pageant queen participant. The other girls had blonde hair, light colored eyes and very pale skin.

As Exquisite entered into the room with the other cast mates you could almost hear the viewers asking ‘Are U Kidding?’  ‘Is this girl really trying to be in a pageant?’  However, once she opened her mouth out flowed – confidence, smarts, education, and verbal power and it was evident why she was a part.

What was most impressive was Kim’s ability to see Exquisite beyond her shell. That she understood that Exquisite did not measure up to the stereotypical pageant participant based on her outer appearance but her beauty within was unparalleled.


There are more episodes to view and critique and I am dedicated to watching them all. #StayTuned