#RealityTV: Lifetime’s “Bring It” Really Brings It with Star Dianna Williams

#RealityTV: Lifetime TV's "Bring It" is Really Bringing It with Dianna Williams
#RealityTV: Lifetime’s “Bring It” is Really Bringing It with Dianna Williams

When we step out on that floor everything is on the line – your respect, your skills – your soul!  We aren’t just dancing – We’re battling!  This isn’t a game – its war! And, if you want to win – YOU BETTER BRING IT!” – Dianna Williams (@I_Am_Dianna), of LIFETIME’s (@Lifetime) latest Reality TV Show BRING IT (#BringIt).

Depending on who you are talking to the official title of  the show BRING IT – might also go by the name – DANCING DOLLS (#DD4L), DOLL HOUSE (#TeamDollhouseRocks) or my favorite “That show on TV that appears to be mimicking the National Sorority DELTA SIGMA THETA.”

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According to the website of DOLLHOUSE DANCE FACTORY, “Dollhouse Dance Factory is the HOTTEST and most ELITE dance studio to arrive into the greater Jackson area!!!! Dollhouse Dance Factory promotes high self-esteem, determination, persistence, high academic achievement, community involvement; the importance of health, etc. in young women through the art of dance…One of the studio’s main focuses is to provide young women and men with an outlet of well monitored and well-rounded activities such as dance and group membership.”

All the facets of this dance company that the website claims can be clearly seen on the Reality TV Show, that is as long as you don’t get lost in the drama of the Dollhouse Parents.

There are four parents (Rittany, Mimi, Selena and Tina) who serve alongside the real stars of the show – Dianna and the girls.  However, it must be noted that in episode 3 viewers are introduced to a new parent – a father – J.J.   He and Selena were married and are the parents of Sanjai.

Although this show is a budding hit for LIFETIME, it should have considered ditching the adult shenanigans, cut the show to a 30 minute episode and concentrate solely on Dianna’s instruction and the life lessons she teaches the girls, especially during the competitions.

Casting a cloud over the show is a small detail regarding Dianna William’s past.  In episode 1 she confessed that in her youth and  due to lack of proper guidance she participated in the ADULT FILM industry.  #RecordScratch

In a report by THEO VON (@TheoVon) of PRIME TIME IN NO TIME he provides commentary on this confession in a piece entitled “TV Dance Instructor’s Racy Past Riles Fans”.

The report includes the following, “On Wednesday night’s series premiere of “Bring It,” we may have learned a little too much information about the previous career of dance instructor Dianna Williams. Since 2001, Williams has been running her Dancing Dolls studio in Jackson, Mississippi. However, she admitted that, in a previous life, she used to participate in adult films. It seemed like a somewhat innocuous revelation, relating to her troubled upbringing, but fans were not pleased and said they wouldn’t want their daughter being taught by a person who worked in porn. It might be causing a stir on Twitter now, but it could cause an even bigger stir when the moms find out!”

The truth be told, Dianna did the proper thing by controlling the narrative with personally exposing her past.  What she did was systematically defang any future opportunist who would seek to exploit her new fame for their own selfish gain and ambition.  #SheDidTheRightThing

Recently aired was episode 3 – THE WIG IS OFF.  The title alludes to the verbal altercation between DancingDoll moms Selena and Tina.  The verbal-battle scene was slightly funny but unworthy of its use of the show’s air time.

The main focus of the episode was the art of BUCKING and the solo performance of Dollhouse Dancer – CAMRYN, whose mother is Mimi.  Mimi is the self-proclaimed ‘parent-snitch’.  She keeps Dianna in the know of what the other parents are saying and doing outside the studio walls. Congratulations to Camryn for being featured in a solo piece and for winning her division.

In episode 2 – BATTLE IN MEMPHIS – we witnessed the Dolls’ first competition loss, a questionable loss.  It appeared that the normal judging rules were not applied to this competition in Memphis which resulted in an additional judge present at the judging table.  That loss knocked them out of the competition, but – like a classic coach – Dianna used the fuel of the loss to motivate the girls into being better, more precise in their moves and hungrier for true perfection.

In episode 1 – YOU BETTER BRING IT – we were introduced to Dance Captain – KAYLA.  In this episode the competition battle was against a team named THE LADIES OF EXCELLENCE.  During the battle we got a chance to see the growing purpose revealed for this show – youth leadership.  Kayla is a pure leader!  She is empowered by Dianna to lead other young women in competition with purpose and with flair.  Although she is a Captain of the Dolls and a great dancer – she has a depth that the show needs to continue to explore.

One of the funny pleasures of this show is watching the CLOSED CAPTION communication as some of the ladies are speaking in Southern dialect and with their Southern drawl.  If you want to add a bit of comic relief as you’re watching the show– watch it with closed caption on. #Hilarious

In the future, we will explore more of this broadcast’s episodes.


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