3 Dead, Police Officer Greg Milburn Wounded, in Indianapolis Shooting

3 Dead, Police Officer Greg Milburn Wounded, in Indianapolis Shooting
3 Dead, Police Officer Greg Milburn Wounded, in Indianapolis Shooting (Credit: WISH-TV Video Screengrab)

Another day, more gun violence in the U.S. Three people are dead, a police officer wounded in a shooting on Indianapolis’ northeast side Friday morning.

The shooting occurred in the 2600 block of North Dearborn Street, located near North 30th Street and North Sherman Drive, at about 7:10 a.m. The wounded officer has been identified as Greg Milburn, a 10-year veteran of IMPD, WISH-TV reports.

Police were called to the scene on reports of a woman screaming. Police say two women were found dead inside a home, though it’s not clear how they were killed.

A male suspect shot at the officer several times as he walked to the house. Officer Milburn was hit at least once and returned fire, WISH-TV reports.

The suspect was pronounced dead at the scene.  It is unclear if he committed suicide or was killed by the officer.

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  • Can I ask you a question Janet:

    When Travyon Martin and Jordan Davis were killed – did YOU report it from the “Senseless Gun Violence” angle or was it the RACIAL angle that was most dramatic?

    A few weeks ago the progressive journalistic icon Melissa Harris-Perry told her congregation of a city that had a WORSE homicide rate than Chicago – that being Indianapolis – for some reason she was not INTELLECTUALLY CURIOUS enough to tell her congregation WHY these (mostly) young Black males who she advocates for under the banner of “New Jim Crow” are choosing to MURDER THEMSELVES – the most efficient weapon to do so being the gun.

    THE MALICE of MURDEROUS INTENT came before these EQUAL HUMAN BEINGS picked up a GUN.

    Why are you more interested GUN CONTROL than you appear to capable of REPURPOSING these lost souls.

    Clearly getting them TO VOTE in the name of “Civic Engagement” to CHANGE their community has not sufficiently corrected the situation.

    Since the Black community has not FIRED anyone, preventing them from taking to the stage and making pronouncements about the direction for leadership – these serial deaths are CLEARLY not as OFFENSIVE as which a WHITE MAN – anywhere in the United States makes a racist remark but no Black blood is spilt.