Ben Carson Wants Ted Cruz to Fire Someone for Claims He Quit Race

ben carson
Ben Carson Wants Ted Cruz to Fire Someone for Claims He was Suspending Campaign [Photo Credit: Donkey Hotey]
GOP presidential candidate Ben Carson told CNN’s Jake Tapper that he wants someone in the Ted Cruz campaign to be fire for tweeting that he was dropping out of the presidential race before the Iowa caucus.

Carson placed a distant fourth behind Marco Rubio.

Tapper asked Carson if he wanted Rep. Steve King, who is the co-chair for Cruz’s Iowa campaign, to resign, since he sent one of the tweets. Carson said yes. He said there should be consequences for “spreading lies.”

Carson complained on Tuesday that the Cruz campaign engaged in “shameless tactics and dirty political plays” that catapulted him to victory via political sabotage.

Cruz apologized but also blamed CNN. He told Boston radio host Jeff Kuhner on WRKO AM-680 that his campaign staff repeated a false report from a CNN journalist Chris Moody. CNN pushed back saying that was not true. His campaign staffers told people at the caucuses to vote for him instead.

What’s despicable was when Carson’s campaign rebutted the claims, the Cruz campaign never bothered to tell their staffers. Cruz said, “That was a mistake,’ he said. ‘It was a mistake for us not to have forwarded the second statement as well, and I apologize to Ben for our not forwarding that second statement.”