Hillary Clinton Becomes 1st Woman to Win Iowa Caucus

Democratic presidential frontrunner Hillary Clinton became the first woman to win the Iowa caucus on Monday night, even by the thinnest of margins. She has shaken the ghost of 2008 from her back with this win.

hillary clinton first woman to win iowa caucus
Hillary Clinton Becomes 1st Woman to Win Iowa Caucus with Razor-Thin Victory

With all the precincts reporting, the Iowa Democrats have officially named Clinton as the winner. The Iowa Democratic Party’s website reports Clinton received 49.8 percent support, while Bernie Sanders received 49.6 percent.

According to a statement from the Iowa Democratic Party, Clinton was awarded 700.59 state delegate equivalents and Sanders was awarded 696.82 state delegate equivalents.

I will say, I am a Hillary Clinton supporter. I believe she has some deficits, but she isn’t any more dishonest than the average politician out there, including Marco Rubio, Ted Cruz, Bernie Sanders, Chris Christie and Donald Trump.

Further, it is not fair to judge her by her husband’s actions. No-one should armchair quarterback the marriage of Mrs. Clinton, or anyone else for that matter. She decided to stay with Bill Clinton after a public shaming for infidelity. That was her decision to make and not the general public.

Clinton appeals to me because she will continue Barack Obama’s policies and not veer off into some Socialist mumbo-jumbo. She is even more hawkish than Obama. Next to Sanders, she is the most electable in a general election.