Report: FBI Director James Comey Broke DOJ Policy Over Letter to Lawmakers

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Report: FBI Director James Comey Broke DOJ Policy Over Letter to Lawmakers

FBI Director James Comey broke with Attorney General Loretta Lynch when he unilaterally decided to send the letter about Hillary Clinton’s emails to lawmakers throwing the election in a tailspin.

According to the Washington Post, “senior Justice Department officials” warned Comey that his “decision to notify Congress about renewing the investigation” was “not consistent with long-standing practices of the department.”

New Yorker reporter Jane Mayer also writes that Lynch asked Comey to follow Justice Department policy of not commenting on investigations or taking steps that would have an effect on the outcome of an election.

The official told the Washington Post that “Director Comey understood our position. He heard it from Justice leadership.” Still, he made an “independent decision to alert the Hill. He is operating independently of the Justice Department and he knows it.”

Here’s my two cents: This is going to backfire on James Comey because it now appears that he is deliberately putting his thumb on the scale to influence the election. He destroyed the FBI’s ethical tradition to avoid appearing partisan. Most people I have spoken to are irate and are determined to vote for Hillary Clinton. This is a shameful hitjob on the election. It is also interesting that Comey chose to remain mum on the FBI investigation involving former Trump aide, but holds Hillary Clinton to another standard by sending a letter the Hill.

We need an investigation into Comey’s actions because Rep. Jason Chaffetz seemed to have had knowledge that this was coming because of the cryptic tweet he sent on Wednesday, saying “HRC is bad for the USA.” There is a cover-up and it stinks.