Minneapolis Blocks Junauada Petrus Anti-Trump Poem: “A Prayer for P*ssies”

The city of Minneapolis blocked an anti-Donald Trump poem, A Prayer for P*ssies, by acclaimed black artist Junauada Petrus saying that it is inappropriate for display as part of a public art exhibit.

junauada petrus prayer for p*ssies
Minneapolis Blocks Junauada Petrus Anti-Trump Poem: “A Prayer for P*ssies” [Photo Credit: Facebook]
The poem was written in response to Trump’s vulgar remarks heard in a leaked 2005 Access Hollywood videotape, in which he bragged about sexually assaulting women, saying you “grab them by the p*ssy.”

Petrus told the Star-Tribune the poem was meant to be a celebration of the female body and in defiance of Trump’s comments. City officials say that it is inappropriate because it contains two references to female genitalia.

“If he can feel bold to not only say the word ‘p*ssy,’ but make it a philosophy to grab for women, I can fricking write a poem that is adding sacredness and having love around the idea of praying for p*ssies,” Petrus told the newspaper.

She added, “It really is a kick in the gut and the womb to have somebody who has this attitude towards women holding the highest office.”

Here’s the full text of A Prayer for P*ssies:

Grown women know that feeling.
You a little girl under all that skin.
All of that life and holding back.
All of that gray c*ochie hair
And planted placentas under the tree the kids climb,
when hiding from spankings.
Under piles of unpaid bills and expired lottery tickets.
In your shadow sits that girl within.
Wise and wild.
Quiet and unforgiving.
Indignant and quick.
Cl*toris driven.
An emotional wreck with soulful perfection.
Plotting on wildness
You start thinking:
Remember when I was all one hot heat?
One red ferocious flash?
One smooth sweet licorice?
One free flying unknown?