Sen. Al Franken Completely Eviscerates Jeff Sessions at AG Confirmation Hearings

Sen. Al Franken (D-MN) completely eviscerated Sen. Jeff Sessions for inflating his record on civil rights cases during his confirmation hearings for attorney general.

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Sen. Al Franken Completely Eviscerates Jeff Sessions at AG Confirmation Hearings

Franken took 12 minutes to shred Sessions over his self-proclaimed top-notch record as a civil rights lawyer.

He literally wiped all smugness off Sessions face when he started hammering him over pushing three voting rights cases and a desegregation case. Sessions listed those four cases on his hearing questionnaire list among his 10 most significant cases he personally handled. Um, one problem. Three of the DOJ attorneys who brought three of those cases said Sessions was not substantively involved.

One of the lawyers, J. Gerald Hebert, wrote an op-ed blasting Sessions for taking credit for cases he did not work on. Hebert wrote:  “I told the ABA about conversations I’d had with the U.S. attorney in which he referred to the NAACP and the American Civil Liberties Union as “un-American.” As he saw it, by fighting for racial equality, these groups were “trying to force civil rights down the throats of people who were trying to put problems behind them.””

Sessions responded, “I signed them. I supported cases. And I attempted to be as effective as I could be in helping them be successful in these historic cases. I did feel that they were the kind of cases that were national in scope, and deserved be listed on the form.”

“You don’t sound like you handled cases you said you did,” Franken slammed Sessions. He added, “You couldn’t find 20 or 30 desegregation cases that you worked on, instead of three that you said you did but didn’t.”

Franken looked Sessions in the eyes and called him out for lying and exaggerating his record. That is real opposition. He got under his skin. Mission accomplished.

Watch Sen. Franken go hard on Jeff Sessions:

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