Miami-Dade State Attorney Won’t Charge Prison Guards in Darren Rainey Shower Death

Miami-Dade State Attorney Katherine Fernandez Rundle’s office announced on Friday that four prison guards will not be charged with a crime in the Darren Rainey shower death case that in 2012.

darren rainey
Miami-Dade State Attorney Won’t Charge Prison Guards in Darren Rainey Shower Death [Photo Credit: Miami-Dade Correctional Facility]
Rainey, who is a schizophrenic, was serving time for cocaine possession when he was thrown into a prison shower at the Dade Correctional facility on June 23, 2012. The water was hot enough to cook Ramen noodles. The four corrections officers — Cornelius Thompson, Ronald Clarke, Edwina Williams and John Fan Fan — kept Rainey in the shower for two hours.

The Miami Herald reports Rainey was heard shouting “please take me out. I can’t take it anymore,” while kicking the shower door. The prison guards allegedly laughed and asked Rainey “is it hot enough?”

Rainey died inside the shower. A said he had burns on 90 percent of his body and skin fell off at the touch. One nurse said that his body temperature would not register on a thermometer.

The Miami-Dade State Attorney’s office released a report closing out the case on Friday, basically saying that there were no grounds to file murder or manslaughter charges against the corrections officers. The report says “placing an inmate who defecated on himself in a shower to decontaminate himself is not conduct that is criminally reckless.”

“The fact that there were no burns on Rainey’s body substantially and convincingly refutes any possible claim that he was either intentionally or unintentionally exposed to excessively hot water.” “The shower itself is neither dangerous nor unsafe,” the report continues. “The evidence does not show that Rainey’s well-being was grossly disregarded by the correctional staff.”

Rundle’s office claimed the skin slipping off Rainey’s skin could have occurred because of decomposition. It should also be noted that it has been reported by inmates and staff that the showers were used scald inmates who acted out. It is problematic that Rainey was left in the shower for two hours. On what basis? If he had defecated on himself, he didn’t need that long period of time to wash himself.

Read the full report closing out Darren Rainey shower death case: