Early Voting Results After Week One Bode Well for Democrat Jon Ossoff

jon ossoff early voting results
Early Voting Results After Week One Bode Well for Democrat Jon Ossoff [Photo Credit: Facebook]
Early voting results after one week for the special election for Georgia’s 6th congressional district bode very well for Democrat Jon Ossoff. The Democratic voter turnout has significantly outpaced that of Republicans.

That’s a good sign for Democrats hoping that a surge in liberal enthusiasm after Donald Trump’s election will be enough to elect Ossoff to fill the seat vacated by current Health and Human Services Secretary Tom Price.

According to an analysis by Michael McDonald, a political science professor and election specialist at the University of Florida, of the more than 8,100 people who have voted so far in special election, 44 percent were Democrats, while 23 percent were Republicans.

McDonald’s findings are consistent with the findings of New York Times’ Nate Cohn. He found that of the people who voted on Monday, 60 percent were Democrats and 28 percent were Republicans.

While the results are promising, we cannot forget that Hillary Clinton did well in early voting in Florida and North Carolina, but went on to lose both states in the presidential election last year. It should be noted, however, that Trump beat her by one percent in the sixth congressional district in the election. Why? Because the district is made up of educated and wealthier people, who are turned off by his rhetoric and politics.

I urge voters in the sixth congressional district to stay woke because the Republicans want you to stay home and depress turnout so that Jon Ossoff doesn’t get to 50 percent to avoid a June 20th run-off. We have to keep turning people out both in early voting and on election day.