Unpopular Paul Ryan to Campaign for Unpopular Karen Handel in GA Sixth Runoff

paul ryan
Unpopular Paul Ryan to Campaign for Karen Handel in GA Sixth Runoff [Photo Credit: Twitter]
Unpopular and weak House Speaker Paul Ryan to campaign for equally weak GOP candidate Karen Handel in Georgia’s sixth congressional district runoff against surging Democrat Jon Ossoff. Um, if we could only get Bill O’Reilly’s defender, Donald Trump, to campaign on her behalf too.

According to Politico, Ryan will campaign for Handel against Ossoff, who fell just two points shy of 50 percent in Tuesday’s special election. Ossoff managed to win the largest share of votes of any Democrats in the district since it was established.

Ossoff also raked in a record $500,000 in a single day for his runoff campaign against Handel. That’s a huge deal and he will continue to surge both in the polls and fundraising. If Paul Ryan is the GOP’s secret weapon to retain control of the seat, then they are probably in for a rude awakening. His approval rating is worst than Donald Trump’s. He is weak and ineffective. I would venture to say, former House Speaker John Boehner would have been more help to Handel.

For Ryan to insert himself into a district that has long been a Republican stronghold speaks volumes about how concerned they are about the real possibility that Ossoff will manage to #FlipThe6th. I believe Ryan and Trump will not help Handel, who is highly unpopular and unlikable. She is a career political candidate who comes up with more losses than wins. Her record on just about everything is abysmal.

More from the DCCC on Karen Handel:

“Handel’s career as a big-spending career politician will haunt her candidacy until June 20th. Even fellow Republicans have taken aim at her wasteful spending and nonstop electioneering, slamming her for purchasing a “Lexus on the taxpayer dime,” and for spending the past 15 years running “six times for five different offices.” In addition, Handel earned national headlines in 2012 for using her influence at the Susan G. Komen foundation to cut off the organization’s grants to Planned Parenthood, and subsequently tried to profit from the controversy.”

“And those vulnerabilities were apparent in Handel’s primary performance as she limped across the finish line, largely to the name recognition that comes with being a career politician. She garnered less than 20% of the vote even after two statewide runs in 2010 and 2014, and relied on Republican Super PACs to carry her campaign. Even worse, in a recentRevily poll, Handel posted an alarmingly weak favorability rating: half of Georgia 6th voters view her unfavorably. With a name ID above 85%, it’s clear voters know Handel—they just don’t like her.”