DCCC Hits “Self-Serving Career Politician” Karen Handel in New TV Ad

karen handel
DCCC Hits Georgia Sixth Run-Off Candidate Karen Handel in New TV Spot

The DCCC hits Georgia Sixth GOP run-off candidate Karen Handel as a “self-serving career politician” in a new TV spot,  “Decisions” to expose her record of using “political power to serve herself.”

“Decisions” focuses on Handel’s use of taxpayer dollars on a luxury SUV and trips around the world, and her refusal to cut her office pay during a budget crisis,” DCCC said in a news release. “It is the third TV ad the DCCC has run since the start of the runoff on April 19th, along with “Ride” and “Career Politician.””

“In addition, the DCCC has been running 15-second ads on digital platforms like Facebook, Instagram and YouTube to expose Handel’s record of wasteful spending.”

“In total, the DCCC has spent more than $2.4 million on television against Handel since the runoff and close to $2.9 million overall, including its substantial investment in a large, dynamic field team and vote by mail program, radio and digital.”