Donald Trump’s So-Called ‘Pastor’ Paula White Threatening Lawsuit Over Heat Street Article

Donald Trump’s so-called pastor Paula White, who is is being put on blast over her pretend doctoral degree and wealthy lifestyle, is threatening a lawsuit over an unflattering article that appeared on Heat Street.

paula white
Donald Trump’s So-Called Pastor Paula White Threatening Lawsuit Over Heat Street Article [Photo Credit: Facebook via Paula White Ministries]
White, who is based in Florida, led a prayer at Trump’s inauguration and chairs his Evangelical Advisory Council. She appeared with him last week as he signed the total useless religious liberty executive order. Talk about two deadbeats reuniting to con more people.

I’m not sure why she is called Dr. Paula, because she never graduated from college and lives a luxurious life while the people in her church are mostly low- to middle-income and are predominantly black. She drove her last church, which she co-pastored with her then husband, into bankruptcy.

White has unleashed her high-power lawyer, Martin Singer, on Heat Street over an article about her hypocrisy. In a letter, White’s lawyers threatened to sue Heat Street, Dow Jones and Jillian Kay Melchior, who wrote the article. The letter claims that “all those involved will be liable for tens of millions of dollars in damages.” The reporting from Heat Street is mostly backed up by similar reporting from the Orlando Weekly.

Heat Street reports that she preys on her congregations to donate lots of money. A reporter from the Orlando Sentinel saw White ask congregants to donate as much as one month’s salary to her. A third reporter said White told congregants, “Every time we give, something supernatural happens.” She even wrote a fundraising email that states that donating to her church “will get God’s attention.”

White’s first church went bankrupt in 2014 after defaulting on $29 million in loans. Um, I guess she has something in common with Donald Trump. That’s all the while living a fabulously wealthy life, that reportedly included “several Mercedes Benz,” a multi-million mansion and more. A real wolf in sheep’s clothing.

What would Jesus do? Certainly not threaten to file a lawsuit when the stories are mostly true. Paula White first came on my radar after Zachery Tims, pastor of New Destiny Christian Center, died from a drug overdose. The details are murky, but somehow, she took over his church, even though his ex-wife Riva Tims, who once co-pastored the church, could have stepped in. A protest was planned over White’s selection as successor to Tims.