Trump Administration Targets Haitian Refugees in A Racist Crackdown of Immigrants

trump administration haitian refugees
Trump Administration Now Targeting Haitian Refugees in Yet Another Racist Crackdown

The Trump administration is targeting Haitian refugees in yet another racist crackdown of non-white immigrants to satisfy his nativist ways. Donald Trump and his cabinet continue to sink lower and lower. The Department of Homeland Security and Sec. John Kelly are trying to find justification to deport about 50,000 Haitian refugees by digging for crimes:

The Trump administration is taking the unusual step of hunting for evidence of crimes committed by Haitian immigrants as it decides whether to allow them to continue participating in a humanitarian program that has shielded tens of thousands from deportation since an earthquake destroyed much of their country.

The inquiries into the community’s criminal history were made in internal U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services emails obtained by The Associated Press. They show the agency’s newly appointed policy chief also wanted to know how many of the roughly 50,000 Haitians enrolled in the Temporary Protected Status program were taking advantage of public benefits, which they are not eligible to receive.

The request for criminal data for an entire community is unorthodox. The law doesn’t specify it should be a consideration for Temporary Protected Status and the government has never said it would use criminal rates in deciding if a country’s citizens should be allowed to stay under this program. Introducing new criteria is likely to cause consternation among law-abiding Haitians who may feel they are being penalized for the wrongdoing of their compatriots.

Activists are hitting back against the Trump administration targeting Haitian refugees. One leading advocate for Haitian refugees said, “It is disheartening to hear that instead of renewing TPS for these hardworking families who are at risk of losing their jobs, Sec. Kelly has decided to go on a witch hunt for criminals.” The National Immigration Law Center tweeted, “Let’s call this what it is: racist.”