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LMAO: Not Even Republicans Want to Work in Trump Administration

Not even Republicans want to work in a Trump administration because they don’t want to ruin their careers. “The array of legal and political threats hanging over the Trump presidency has compounded the White House’s struggles to fill out the top ranks of the government,” the Washington Post reports.

“Republicans say they are turning down job offers to work for a chief executive whose volatile temperament makes them nervous. They are asking head-hunters if their reputations could suffer permanent damage, according to 27 people The Washington Post interviewed to assess what is becoming a debilitating factor in recruiting political appointees.”

“At this point, Trump has 43 confirmed appointees to senior posts, compared with the 151 top political appointees confirmed by mid-June in President Barack Obama’s first term and the 130 under President George W. Bush.”

The Trump administration is mostly made up of people who are unqualified for their positions. It’s a sad commentary that top officials such as H. R. McMaster and John Kelly have ruined their reputations to make excuses for an unqualified pathological liar.