Nancy Pelosi Drops the Mic: People Who Voted for Trump Said “Any Mammal Will Do”

nancy pelosi
Nancy Pelosi Drops Mic: People Who Voted for Trump Said “Any Mammal Will Do”

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi ripped Donald Trump to shreds during interview on MSNBC’s Morning Joe with a mic drop for the ages, saying that it was almost as though “the Republicans, people voting for him said any mammal will do.”

Pelosi said during her first visit with Trump he insisted that he won the popular vote and that California didn’t count. She basically called him a liar to his face in front of her congressional colleagues who had gone to meet with Trump at the White House shortly after his inauguration.

Pelosi said she wishes George Bush, Mitt Romney and John McCain were president instead of Trump, whose mental state she questioned. She said that Donald Trump with his lies, vanity and erratic behavior continues to degrade the office of the President.

Nancy Pelosi made my day with the line that “any mammal will do.” That was funny. Seriously though, it shows that Donald Trump’s mental state should be of great concern to many. He’s cray, cray.

At her press conference on Friday, Pelosi continued where she left off on Morning Joe, questioning Trump’s fitness for office.

Pelosi said, “The President’s fitness for office is something that’s been called into question. It takes a certain curiosity to learn the facts to base your comments on evidence, and data, and the truth. It takes a certain discipline to be able to prioritize what is important as we try to bring the country together, and it takes some kind of stamina to keep your thoughts together, and I’m very worried about his fitness.”