Arizona Secretary of State Won’t Turn Over Sensitive Voter Data for Trump’s “Hastily Organized Experiment”

arizona secretary of state voter data
Arizona Secretary of State Won’t Turn Over Sensitive Voter Data for “Hastily Organized Experiment”

Arizona’s Secretary of State Michele Reagan won’t turn over sensitive voter data to Trump’s voter fraud commission, “hastily organized experiment,” because it is a “potential target for nefarious actors” intent on “further undermining our electoral process.”

“Under normal circumstances, limited voter registration records could be provided to a member of the public upon payment of the requisite fee under Arizona law along with a statement of non-commercial use.  But this appears to be no normal request,” Reagan said in a press release.

“Centralizing sensitive voter registration information from every U.S. state is a potential target for nefarious actors who may be intent on further undermining our electoral process.  As a recent Politico article cautioned, for example, “cybersecurity specialists are warning that President Donald Trump’s voter-fraud commission may unintentionally expose voter data to even more hacking and digital manipulation.”

“Without any explanation how Arizona’s voter information would be safeguarded or what security protocols the Commission has put in place, I cannot in good conscience release Arizonans’ sensitive voter data for this hastily organized experiment,” continued Reagan.  “For reasons outlined in this letter, therefore, I have directed my staff to withhold any provision of voter registration records based on the best interests of the State of Arizona.

Reagan, a Republican, joins a growing list of states rejecting the request to divulge sensitive voter information such as the last four digits of social security numbers, date of birth, addresses and voting records going back years. Maryland Attorney General Brian Frosh slammed the request as “repugnant.” while Louisiana Secretary of State Tom Schedler said the commission “quickly politicized its work by asking states for an incredible amount of voter data.”

It is widely believed that this fishing expedition would result in a massive voter purge meant to satisfy Donald Trump’s unfounded claims that he lost the popular vote because millions voted illegally for Hillary Clinton.