Reagan’s Daughter Patti Davis Rips Trump Presidency: “Dignity of America is Wounded, Bleeding Out”

patti davis on trump presidency
Reagan’s Daughter Patti Davis on Trump Presidency: Dignity of America is Wounded, Bleeding Out [Photo Credit: Facebook]
Former President Ronald Reagan’s daughter, Patti Davis, ripped Donald Trump’s presidency, saying, “Our democracy, and the dignity of America, is wounded and bleeding out.” She said that it can be “restored and healed” but not by this administration.

Davis slammed Trump in a scathing blog post entitled, The Russians Are Coming, saying that she has only met two Russians in her entire life, while the “fact that every other person the Trumps know is Russian.” She added, that “should have tipped us off a year ago that something was amiss.”

Patti Davis:  “The almost Shakespearean irony of Donald Trump as president is that his worst fear — that of being ridiculed and disregarded — is precisely what he has created by his own actions. If he was quiet for five minutes he might hear the echo of Putin’s laughter carried on the wind across countries and oceans. But Trump’s ego is a loud, boisterous thing and will never allow him to hear anything that might cause him to reflect.”

“I hate to end on a chilling note, but I’m going to. Our democracy, and the dignity of America, is wounded and bleeding out. It doesn’t mean that it can’t be restored and healed, but not by this administration. And it will only get worse if those intent on making excuses continue saying that Trump and his extended family are new at this governing thing, and are just bumbling a bit. They know exactly what they’re doing. And so does the rest of the world.”

Wow, wow, wow is all I can say. This was a blistering take-down of Donald Trump by the daughter of a former president. Trump likes to compare himself to Reagan and even name-drop as though they were friends. We know that couldn’t be further from the truth.