Vladimir Putin Con: Donald Trump Believes His Denial of Meddling in the US Elections

vladimir putin
Vladimir Putin: Donald Trump Believes His Denial of Meddling in the US Elections

Russian President Vladimir Putin painted Donald Trump in a corner saying he thinks he believes that he did not meddle in the 2016 presidential election. That could be why Trump isn’t holding a presser at the G20 Summit.

Make no mistake about it, Putin won big on the international stage this week, while he reduced Donald Trump to a wuss. Even the Russian media is openly mocking Donald Trump. They’re right. Vladimir Putin played Trump with such ease.

It’s a sad commentary when more people are inclined to believe the Russians’ version of what transpired during Putin’s meeting with Trump. The Trump administration lies and lies and lies.

To echo the conservative Weekly Standard, Donald Trump caved to Putin on all fronts: “The Trump administration has touted its approach to the world as “principled realism.” But what are the principles that lead to a naive embrace of an adversary? And what kind of realism requires a willful ignorance of reality?

Tillerson summarized the Trump-Putin meeting this way: “The two leaders, I would say, connected very quickly. There was a very clear positive chemistry between the two.” Yes. And that’s the problem.”

Our upcoming elections will be in serious jeopardy as Trump’s actions, or lack thereof, have further embolden the Russians to continue meddling.