Twitter Rips Jill Stein After She Urges People to “Flood White House Switchboard” to Prevent WWIII

jill stein
Twitter Mocks Jill Stein After She Urges People to Flood White House Switchboard to Prevent WWIII [Photo Credit: Wikipedia]
Twitter eviscerated Dr. Jill Stein after she urged people to flood the White House switchboard with calls for de-escalating tensions with North Korea and prevent WWIII. Um, this is the same woman who said Hillary Clinton was a warmonger.

Stein tweeted:  “Urgent. Prevent WWIII. Flood the White House switchboard now: Negotiate don’t escalate with North Korea 202-456-1414.”

Um, that’s not the position she took during the presidential election campaign. She attacked Hillary Clinton as a warmonger on October 14, 2016: “Hillary Clinton‘s foreign policy is much scarier than Donald Trump‘s.”

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Twitter responded as you would expect, with complete mockery: