Twitter Blasts Donald Trump After He Said “That White House is a Real Dump”

donald trump white house is a real dump
Twitter Blasts Donald Trump After He Said “That White House is a Real Dump” [Photo Credit: Wikipedia]
Twitter exploded after Donald Trump reportedly told several club members of his Bedminster, New Jersey, golf club that the reason he frequently visits his properties is because “that White House is a real dump.” The man is classless and disgusting.

Golf Magazine’s Alan Shipnuck reports in the latest issue, “As President, Trump has already made four visits to the club.

“He has his own cottage adjacent to the pool; it was recently given a secure perimeter by the Secret Service, leading to the inevitable joke that it’s the only wall Trump has successfully built. Chatting with some members before a recent round of golf, he explained his frequent appearances: ‘That White House is a real dump.’ Trump is often at his most unguarded among the people who pay for their proximity to him. Last November, the President-elect hosted a cocktail reception and dinner at Bedminster on the same weekend that he was holding interviews at the club with candidates for his Cabinet. At the dinner, Trump addressed the members of the club by saying, ‘This is my real group. You are the special people. I see all of you. I recognize, like, 100% of you, just about.’ Then he issued an open invitation to drop in on his Cabinet interviews the next day.”

Trump tweeted that was “fake news,” but Shipnuck claps back telling Golf Magazine that eight or nine people heard him call the White House a dump.

Chelsea Clinton tweeted: “Thank you to all the White House ushers, butlers, maids, chefs, florists, gardeners, plumbers, engineers & curators for all you do every day.”

The reaction on Twitter was brutal, as it should be: