Hillary Clinton: Obama Put Her in a “Straightjacket” with Advice Not to Attack Bernie Sanders

hillary clinton obama put in straightjacket bernie sanders
Hillary Clinton: Obama Put Her in a “Straightjacket” with Advice Not to Attack Bernie Sanders

Hillary Clinton, who has no f*cks to give, writes in her new book, What Happened, that former President Barack Obama put her in a “straightjacket” by telling her not to attack Bernie Sanders out of fear that it could divide the party. Um, Bernie did.

She mocked Bernie Sanders policy proposals as “pie-in-the-sky fantasies,” and ripped the Bernie Bros as sexist. Yep, she has no f*cks to give. She said Sanders’ attacks against her did “lasting damage” to her presidential hopes. She accuses him of paving the way for Donald Trump to call her “Crooked Hillary.” You will recall Bernie attacked her over her Wall Street speeches and questioned her judgment. One of his supporters, Dr. Paul Song (married to Lisa Ling) even called her a “corporate Democratic whore” during a rally in New York City.

Yes, Bernie did a lot of damage, while getting a pass for his virtually non-existent record of accomplishment in the US Senate and not telling the truth about his and his wife’s finances. Jane O’Meara Sanders literally drove Burlington College into financial ruin, but not once did the Clinton campaign attack them on that front. It was shameful that Black Lives Matter activists gave him a pass for voting for the 1994 crime bill, but attacked Clinton for backing the bill.

Clinton also went after former Vice President Joe Biden’s suggestion that she did not adequately convey the Democratic Party’s commitment to helping the middle class. Um, did he read her campaign book that outlined all her plans? She even talked about these plans, but who was listening when the media was having a feeding frenzy with her emails. Joe Biden, the gaffe-machine, who couldn’t get out of single digits during his presidential runs has the audacity to criticize Clinton. She did something he couldn’t — become her party’s presidential nominee.

The Democratic Party is rattled by Clinton’s upcoming book tour because they don’t want to re-litigate the presidential election. Really? I, for one, will not support the party if Bernie Sanders hijacks the campaign again. He is not a Democrat and should never have been allowed to run on the party’s platform. He and his minions — Nina Turner and Cornel West — aren’t going to dictate what should be important to the rest of us.

Some people want her to go away. Really? She has a right to tell her story and what happened during the campaign, which was bruising to the very end. She literally had to deal with two egotistical windbags — Bernie Sanders and later Donald Trump.